sábado, 6 de diciembre de 2008


Taking into account that we have been working on past simple tense by reading from a description of a nice experience, listening and talking about past activities, etc, we are now going to read about a biography of a person that has been very important for English people: Lady Di. Do you know who she is?

Throughout this blog you are going to learn more about such historic person and why she was popularly known as “the Princess of Hearts” or “Princess Diana”. After that, you are going to practice past simple by doing some tasks.

As a continuous assessment, the three tasks will be assessed and, as you work in pairs, the mark will be shared. So enjoy yourselves, learn and good luck!


Get into pairs and help each other to answer these questions related to Lady Di's biography that you will find in the below link. The answers should be as complete as possible. You shouldn't spend more than 15 minutes to do this task.
Here you have information about Lady Di. For further information click on the same webpage's links on the right side titled “Guide to Princess Diana”.


Now go to this link you have below and follow the exercise instructions. Remember that we use past simple because it is past actions. What score did you get? Click here below on "Comments" and type your full names with the score you got! You shouldn't spend more than 10 minutes to do this task.
A short fill-in-the-blanks text related to what you have read before.


And now the big challenge!! Did you learn about Diana’s life? Check it choosing the correct answer from the “pull-down menu” in a longer text about her life (click the below link). What score did you get? Click here below on "Comments" and type your names with the score you got! You shouldn't spend more than 20 minutes to do this task.

A more difficult and longer exercise.


For home and voluntary: You have got in “Irregular verbs” link a video embedded from You Tube to learn the past tense verbs. Listen carefully to the pronunciation. You can have a look at it whenever you want. Remember that a good way to learn irregular verbs is by repeating them out loud as many times as possible.
If you want to learn some past tense verbs, click on this.